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Classroom Favoritism

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favoritismFilipino classroom may not be as diverse as the classrooms that can be found in the West such as the United States, Canada and Europe; but the difference in terms of socio-economic profile, hygiene, sexual orientation existing in our classroom also warrant that we eliminate all forms of color blind practices.

Color blind ideology may be defined as refusing to recognize inherent differences that our students bring with them inside the classroom either by shutting one’s eyes as if not noticing it or deciding to allow it to be at play without any effort to break it.

In some classrooms here and even abroad, favoritism is at play. If you are intelligent, if you are a child of a co-teacher or someone in the higher echelon of the department, if you contribute fairly well to all fund-raising activities of the school and if you are well-groomed; chances are; teachers will look at you differently. This difference in treating students can affect one’s academic achievement in life as students looked at their teachers as leaders and even parents.

Favoritism may be a far description of color blind practices but it reinforces color blind ideology among teachers by giving special attention to students who can perform better compared with the rest of the class and shutting one’s eyes to the needs of the “minority” which in actuality is the majority of the class. It is similar to shutting one’s eyes to the struggles of the colored people in the United States, Canada and in Europe.

Although, there may be fewer teachers who play the favorite student inside the classroom; the presence of such is a clear indication that we have not fully shun practices that alienates some members of the classroom. The challenge, therefore, is to eliminate all practices and traditions that contribute to unequal opportunities for students to succeed in life.


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