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Going back to the Basics

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While I greatly support and believe on the idea that everyone deserves to be educated and that all government and learning institutions are obliged to make this happen; education for all is simply untenable at least attending and graduating in a formal school. Graduating in a formal school seems to be the only way towards greater social status. Alternative learning symoocsstems may have a good share of success stories but we still place premium importance on formal schooling. For example, one of the aims of this program is for the student to return back to formal schooling and get his diploma. Thus, alternative learning system only becomes a stepping stone serving formal schooling. As not everyone is capable of attending formal schools, then technically not all can have education based on this premise.

Other developments in the field of delivery of education such as MOOCS and Distance Education apparently are not designed to close the gap between those with access and those without access to education although these projects were conceived to be such. The author of the article argues that the existence of such delivery or mode of education can only be accessed by those who have own internet connections or the finances to support and majority of those who participate have already basic or even advanced education. This pre-requisite although not listed is among the many requirements which have to be fulfilled in order for these facilities to be successful. Without these means, it is impossible for one to access these modes of learning. This is just one of the reasons why the poor has no access to education.

What we truly need are modes of learning that can be accessed readily by the poor with the least amount of expenses without sacrificing the quality of learning. Further, the programs that we need to  develop should be simple as the intended users are those who have not had opportunities to attend a formal school or those with limited understanding or knowledge. These are the pre-requisites of such development in the delivery of learning. If these conditions are not met, then only those with resources and technical skills will benefit from these improvements in the field of education.



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