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Solving the Problem through Accommodation

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islamOne of the arguments forwarded by the author of this article that particularly touches me is the assertion that we have framed a rather monstrous image of a Muslim. This image we concocted due to their involvement in several disastrous activities such as the World Trade Center bombing, the presence of Al-Qaeda and the most recent uprising and barbarism of the ISIL have given rise to an almost devilish signification of the words Muslim and Islam. What is more demeaning and worrisome is the fact that we have predicated and applied this invented definition not only to some but to all Muslims in the world despite the fact that not all of them have imbibed the radical ideologies of some mischievous groups and despite the fact that not all of them have been harboring bad thoughts towards Western Nations and to Christianity.

Our image of a “Muslim” has not only affected the way we relate with them but also the manner we want them to be “like us.” Because of this outlook and because we have outnumbered them at least thinking that we have outnumbered them, we try to impose our beliefs and the ideals of our education to them not knowing or deciding to not recognize that in this group exists a different culture which needs to be respected and preserved. We have been trying our very best to make all Muslims think, feel and act like us. This is not possible even if we put all our effort and resources or even if we provide them the same type of education. Their cultural consciousness is deeply-rooted and if we try to uproot and kill that consciousness, it will only result to endless uprising with the new attacks dwarfing the rest in terms of scale of destruction.

The only possible way is to promote mutual respect for cultural differences and establish an education that will achieve mutual respect and dialogue. To educate them with the purpose of making them like us, think like us and act like us is futile if not expensive. We should promote dialogue among concerned individuals with the purpose of finding a common ground and not focusing on the historical uprising of Muslims and of the need for them to become like us. It is only through this kind of collaboration resulting to an education that is uniquely Islam or Muslim that can truly benefit them and at the same time advance their culture. Because the more we try to eradicate their culture the more we are instilling in them hate for all which, I suppose is the reason behind all these attacks.





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