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globalteacherThe article of Bank’s challenges every teacher to acquire global perspectives while maintaining a good grasps of the local culture, traditions, victories as well as problems that beset both the micro and macro societies. He argues that one cannot fully understand the culture, race and social background more so accepting them without first understanding and accepting one’s own contextual experience. As the school becomes the privileged place to address issues that affect global citizenship such as social justice and mutual recognition and respect for diversity of culture and traditions; teachers should be able to learn and unlearn practices that defeat the purpose of global citizenship.

In this respect, teachers must first learn to unlearn practices such as focusing exceedingly on localization and contextualization of learning materials, learning processes and evaluations to the detriment of providing students with global perspectives in life. He must learn to be updated with the latest global trends in preparing learning materials, psychology of learning and administering appropriate evaluations. He must learn to provide students with learning experiences that will enhance one’s ability to be flexible, creative, proactive, solve problems, make decisions, think critically, communicate ideas effectively and work well within teams and groups. These skills cannot be acquired by our students if we stick to outdated delivery of lesson, preparation of learning materials and methods of evaluations. Second, teachers must learn to unlearn that global citizenship is a dangerous ideology for it espouses global advancements without giving appropriate recognition to identity of individual nations and cultures. As a matter of fact, global citizenship emboldens national identity by challenging it to co-exist interdependently with other nation-identities without losing one’s culture in the process of co-existence. Third, teachers must unlearn his archaic role of providing knowledge to the learners and learn to understand that his function is to offer assistance to students to become global citizens who will be responsible for the fate of the world.


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